21st Century Flexo: Conventional Printing’s Place in
Packaging’s Future

While digital printing is creating quite a buzz throughout the packaging industry with its customizability, short-run prowess and lack of plates, it is only responsible for a small fraction of printed packaging, whereas flexo remains the dominant technology and is poised to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

In a webinar hosted by packagePRINTING titled “21st Century Flexo: Conventional Printing’s Place in Packaging’s Future,” Colleen Twomey, an associate professor in the graphic communication department at California Polytechnic State University, detailed some of the latest innovations in flexography and why this printing process is poised to continue to reign supreme. The webinar also included a converter’s first-hand experience with the latest in flexographic technology. Bas Opdenkelder, a graphic consultant for Stanpac, shared insight into his company’s recent installation of a Fusion CI Press from Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC).

Download the webinar here:

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